Crowdfunding is a new form of funding. GoFundMe and Kickstarter are examples of popular platforms where many supporters co-fund a project in return for a reward, such as a t-shirt, signed-numbered art, or a set of designer playing cards.

Our Launch Club is different. While this space does leverage the crowd-funding mechanics, T-minusZero supports mentorship, advice, brainstorming and guidance on ideas curated or created. Club members are encouraged to nurture their own ideas here, should they wish them considered for club-funding.

T-minusZero is a virtual Round Table. We'll explore
real ideas and vote on the best, to build projects we believe to be best suited for the club. 

Curating innovation to launch* authentic, life-enhancing products and services. And, to move them to a management team as quickly as ready. *T-minusZero aims to launch small risk, big impact companies, not manage them.
Join us. HERE.