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The members of this club will innovate. 
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The Launch Club will examine business concepts submitted to it by T-minusZero Launch Club members, during Round Table sessions with other Launch Club members.

After weighing costs, roi, ramp-up hurdles, infrastructure needs ... looking closely at possible pivots and exits, the Club votes on the best idea to take to the next stage. It reevaluates and reports on Projects monthly.

Members wishing to monetize an idea form an ACTIVE Project, and begin planning the work for their concept. The Funding Members own this Project, including all decisions and revenue related to it.

A $10000 one-time fee per T-minusZero Launch Club member covers preparing group-funding documents. It covers the hosting of this and prototype sites serving T-minusZero Launch Club and it's projects. Your initial membership fee also covers ONE co-funded Project. It may be adjusted as future needs dictate.

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T-minusZero Launch Club 

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Members can participate in funding projects—

·· Or ··

·· Watch ··
As a member, simply observe. You'll have an exclusive inside look at the birth and growth of T-minusZero Launch Club projects.

At any time, engage with issues that interest you, comment or—whenever you choose to do so, co-fund a Project  and we'll make big things happen !

Co-funding a project gives each co-funder equal control over that project, it's revenue, and decisions around it.

ACTIVE Project funding members will own and control their respective Projects.

Club members will guide all other club decisions. Including what to do now. Right now.

Please do not share projects found here, outside T-MinusZero Launch Club. Thank you.
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